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Fire Your Boss And Be President

Sick and tired of Mondays? Fed up with commuting to work? Do you feel like a sheep? Would you like to fire your boss, but don’t know how? As you read every word of this article, you will find out how you can fire your boss quicker then you think.

By reading every word in this article, you will learn:

* What your employer doesn’t want you to hear

* Your available options to be your own boss

* The step to actually fire your boss and get happy

+ Underground knowledge your boss doesn’t want you to hear

People are born into a world where we are trained from a young age to have the employee mindset. And this involves writing a CV, having a single source of income, to have self doubt and fail to take action. Society trains us to live within a comfort zone.

You’re either paid weekly or monthly in a salary bases. If you work hard enough and be exceptional then your boss gives you a slight raise. This raise which you receive is just enough to make you motivated to carry on. What your boss never told you is that his or her mentality is totally based on profits. You work x amount of hours and are paid a set figure, even if you are on sales commissions; while your boss calculates the amount of profit.

Now this is not a bad thing as the system works. You cannot have rich without poor, and you certainly cannot have a boss without staff. However, as you read this article, you are one of those few people who want to break out of the norm and achieve your best.

+ Your options to be your own boss

There are many options available to you to become your own boss. When you start looking at all of the options available, you will start to see all of the negative information to try to stop you from taking action on your desire.

Here are some of the businesses you could get into:

- Franchising a business.

When you franchise a business, you in affect license a proven business and gain all of the necessary information to make that business work. Franchising is a great way to get into business, but the problem with franchising is you need a large sum of capital to get started.

- Come up with a new idea.

While you are working you could come up with an idea for business and try to implement it. This can be a great way to get into business, and many follow this route. However be warned that this way is the likely road to failure, especially if you have never run a business before.

- Working in the comfort of your own home.

Working from home is a fantastic way to get into business. You can start small and grow. Network Marketing is a way to get into business for a very small investment. Network Marketing gives you a proven business and all the system is ready for you to plug it into. Network Marketing is the secret weapon which has made more millionaires in America than any other business model. As you continue to read this article, you will find my resource box which will take you to join the best opportunity I have found online.

- Using your existing skills

If you already have the skill set, you could the freelance and market yourself independently. But this is a great way to get into business with our very small outlay, the fact is that 85% of people in business using this method end up and in less then if they was working for someone else.

+ How to actually fire your boss and possibly get rich

Take a look at what you really like to do. What do you do, that when you do it time flies? This question is vital as it allows you to find something which you can devote your time to and achieve great success.

Breakthrough to success,

Kozan Huseyin ~ Network Marketing Expert, Life Coach, Author